Sheila Hicks at the ICA

(Photo by Emily Scarfe)

Pillar of Inquiry/Supple Column, 2013-2014 by Sheila Hicks at the ICA (Photo by Emily Scarfe)

There is an amazing exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston, Fiber Sculpture 1960-Present. American textile artist Sheila Hicks gave a talk last night which was inspiring, and she was very endearing. And is still working at 80! She spoke of former professor Josef Albers’ influence on the use of color in her work; she took his class on Color Theory every semester of her MFA at Yale. She was a student at Yale when Louis Kahn was in the architecture program, and when Vincent Scully was teaching the History of Architecture. She was very influenced by architecture in her early work, particularly by the pre-Columbian architecture she saw in Chile and in South and Central America as a Fullbright scholar in the mid-1950s.

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